Spatial Ecology and Environmental Data Sciences (SEEDS Lab)

Tong Qiu, Pennsylvania State University

We are ecologists at the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management. We use data-model synthesis approaches that integrate satellite and airborne remote sensing with ecological big data to understand how terrestrial ecosystems are functioning under global change

Research Themes

Tree Fecundity and forest regeneration
Forest ecosystems rely on the fecundity of their trees to regenerate after dieback and disturbance. We are interested in quantifying fecundity variations at species, landscape, and global scales.
Global change impacts on vegetation phenology
Phenology is the intra-annual rhythm of vegetation growth and a footprint of global change. We study phenology by integrating satellite remote sensing with computational models.
Biodiversity response to climate and habitat
Biodiversity supports human well-being with food, energy, and materials. Synthesis of remote sensing and ecological data within Bayesian framework can advance the understanding of biodiversity change.
Crop phenology and yield
We quantify crop growing season length and try to understand how it influences crop yield.
Environmetal Data Sciences
We are interested in solving environmental- and social- related questions using data science

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